Quick reference for features that I use frequently.

Dealing with files and panes

  • :e filename: open a new file to edit with name filename (need to use :w to actually save the new file)
  • :w to write (save) - remapped to <leader> s
  • :q to quit - remapped to <leader> q
  • :vsplit filename (vertical split) or :split filename (horizontal split) to split panes with the specified file
  • <C-w-w> to switch panes
  • :!rm filename to delete a file (:! can run any shell command)


  • u: undo
  • U: undo current line
  • <C-r>: redo


  • gu: command to make text lowercase (ex: guiw to make current word lowercase)
  • gU: command to make text uppercase (ex: gUiw to make current word uppercase)
    • Handy for things like env var names
  • :noh: turns off highlighting until the next search. Useful for clearing highlighting after a search until the next one.